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Mau Binh is a classic card game loved in many countries around the world, especially in Asian countries such as Vietnam, China and Japan. With the development of technology, this card game has been brought to the online environment and has become one of the most popular card games on betting websites. In this article by Ww88, we will learn about Mau Binh Online and ways to win in this game.

Introducing Mau Binh Online

Mau Binh originates from China and is known by different names such as Tu Sac, Phom or Ba Cay. From China, this game spread to other Asian countries and was finally brought to Vietnam. In Vietnam, Mau Binh is known as "Tien Len Nam" and has become a very popular game among families and age groups.

With the development of technology, Mau Binh has been converted to the online environment and become one of the most popular card games on betting websites. With convenience and high entertainment, Mau Binh Online has attracted many players and become an indispensable game in the list of online card games.

Mau Binh is a card game for 4 people, each person will have 13 cards and participate in a game. The aim of the game is to arrange your cards into 3 branches (mau binh), the top branch has 3 cards, the middle group has 5 cards and the bottom group has 5 cards. Players can choose to rotate the limbs or leave them intact depending on each person's strategy.

Detailed Instructions on How to Play Mau Binh Online

Start a game

To start a game of Mau Binh online, you first need to find a betting website or app that has this feature. Then, register an account or log in if you already have an account on that site. After logging in, you can search for Mau Binh tables and participate in the game.

How to arrange cards

At the online Mau Binh table, each person will be dealt 13 cards and participate in a game. To arrange your cards into 3 branches (mau binh), you can use the following two ways:

  • Manual arrangement: You can manually move the cards and place them into branches depending on your strategy.

  • Automatic Arrangement: On some websites or applications, there is a feature to automatically arrange the cards for you in the most suitable way.

The cards in Mau Binh are arranged in order from largest to smallest and in order A, K, Q, J, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2. In addition, there is a The number of special cards in Mau Binh is as follows:

  • Thien Phu and Chuong Phu: These are the two highest pairs of cards in the game, Thien Phu is 3 cards of the same suit (same type of card), while Chuong Phu is 3 cards of different suit.

  • Shrimp: A set of three consecutive cards and the same type of card such as 4, 5, 6 or 8, 9, 10. Shrimp has high value in Mau Binh and is often used to turn chi.

  • Straight: Is a set of three consecutive cards of the same type such as 3, 4, 5 or 7, 8, 9.

How to calculate points

After you have arranged the cards into 3 suits, you need to calculate the score for each suit. Mau Binh Online's scoring rules are not much different from the traditional version, however there are some differences to increase entertainment and competition. Those differences include:

  • Mau Binh Points: The Mau Binh sheep with the greater total score will be considered the winner.

  • Combined score: If two players have the same number of points in a hand, the person with the higher combined score will be considered the winner.

  • Winning points include good points: If a player has more total points for all hands, then his or her good points will be added to calculate the winning point.

Tips for Winning Online Mau Binh Betting for Beginners

In game bài Ww88, new players often have difficulty understanding training and playing strategies. Here are some simple tips to help you win bets in Mau Binh Online:

  • Focus on tactics: Playing Mau Binh not only requires luck but also skills and tactics. Think carefully before making a decision and always have a high appraisal nature.

  • Try practicing in stage mode: In Mau Binh Online, there is a "stage" feature that allows you to practice your playing skills before participating in actual matches. Use this feature to improve your skills and gain more confidence when playing.

  • Consider and choose the right table: When participating in the game, you should consider and choose a table that suits your abilities. Because if you enter the wrong table, your chances of winning the bet will decrease.

  • Take advantage of the chat and make friends feature: The chat and make friends feature in Mau Binh Online helps you interact and learn from other players. Don't hesitate to exchange and learn to become a good Mau Binh player.


Mau Binh Online is one of the most popular card games on betting websites today. With high entertainment and competitiveness, Mau Binh has attracted many players and become an indispensable game in the list of online card games. Hopefully through this article, you have gained new knowledge about Mau Binh and how to win this game.


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