6 Study and Exam Tips for School Students

Attending a school in Kuala Lumpur (KL) can involve considerations such as International School of Kuala Lumpur fees. As a parent, you understand the importance of your child’s academic success and the unique challenges they can face in their educational journey. Thus, you have to be mindful of investing in your child’s education. 

By encouraging your child to implement the below-mentioned study and exam tips, you can support them in achieving their academic goals and nurturing a successful educational journey at an international school in KL. 

6 Study and Exam Tips for Students

  1. It is essential to make a timetable and stick to it religiously. It will help your child adjust to a routine and not create a mess because of the mismanagement of their time. Thus, create a realistic timetable for them, dedicating time for each task. Keep breaks and game time in between to break the monotony.
  2. Make sure your child studies every day and completes their homework on time. Leaving things to the last minute will create chaos and reflect poorly on their performance. However, if they dedicate some time to their studies every day, they will stay confident, and the exam day stress will not bother them. 
  3. Ensure your child solves the mock test papers during exam time to familiarise themselves with the exam pattern. In addition, it will help them get an idea about their preparation and whether they can answer everything in the dedicated time. 
  4. Do something to de-stress and rejuvenate your child’s mind. Studying continuously for hours can make them feel bored, and they might stop taking an interest. 
  5. It would help your child to have a good sleep schedule to keep their body active and alert. They should sleep for at least 8 to 9 hours a night and wake up feeling fresh and energetic. Lack of sleep will make them feel sluggish and inactive. In addition, it will impact their grasping power and score.
  6. Another vital exam tip to follow is allocating dedicated time for revision. Once your child completes their syllabus, setting aside a few days specifically for revisiting and reinforcing what they have learned is beneficial. This practice helps build confidence in their preparation and enhances long-term memory retention. Revisiting concepts multiple times improves familiarity and strengthens understanding. As information repeatedly passes through your child’s eyes, it becomes more ingrained in their memory.


Use these simple tips to help your child study better and score excellently in their KL international school exams. You must also understand that lacking confidence will impact your child’s performance. So help your child do their best and keep faith in their abilities to see exponential growth in their academic career.

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