cooler 1050

A fan with an intelligent temperature-controlling system to cool your devices

Are you having performance issues due to overheating of your products? Cooler Master has worked for a pretty long time to find you your solutions.

Cooler Master 1050W is a high-quality cooler made available to cool down your devices such as notebooks, power supplies, computer accessories, gaming gear, etc. It’s a product of Cooler Master, a computer hardware company based in Taiwan.

The heating of electronic devices is mandatory since they use a lot of electricity. But is it normal to let your devices get overheated?

A big NO. 

Overheating of electronic appliances can either expand or contract, hence causing physical damage to the product and reducing its life. It can also cause your system to become brittle, which further makes it lose its functionality. 

80 Plus Gold Certified

Cooler Master has observed and then specifically worked on the efficiency while choosing the power supply unit for their users. While there has been a range of options for choosing efficiency, 80 Plus Gold has been the optimum choice.

Quiet Cooling

You don’t have to worry about the loud irritating sound of the fan while your appliance is cooling because the affordable Cooler Master 1050W provides the solution for this too. Its advanced fluid dynamic bearing dispenses quiet and effective cooling. 

Enhance the performance of your appliance.

The high threshold offered by Cooling Master 1050W safely operates at up to 50 degrees which is an accepted grade in the industry.


One of the key design factors is not only to make it smaller and lighter, and faster but also to make it do the same thing with less power. So, when the size is reduced there is also an effect on the power consumption, so we see that in a smaller unit more power is dissipated and thus there is a rise in the temperature rise. And that is why Cooler Master has designed its 1050W Cooler Master with optimum dimensions.

Dimensions of the product are 180x150x86 mm.

Fully modular Cabling

Cooler Master 1050W provides its users with a fully modular cabling (no cables attached to it). This gives you an ability to manage your build easier & have a clutter-free setup. Airflow is greatly increased thanks to better cable management flexibility.

Active PFC

The active PFC provided to the users of Cooler Master 1050W has a circuit that can recognize undesirable current fluctuations and spikes as they happen and repair them in an adaptive manner. This guarantees an overall considerably cleaner current that is significantly more suitable for delicate circuitry.


Cooler Master 1050W brings forth a standard 10-year manufacturing warranty from the day of purchase.


We hope now you have received ample information about Cooler Master 1050W. If you want to buy the same, get in touch with They provide the best products at the best rates.

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