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A Guide To Choosing A Patio Door For Your Home

Patio doors are vital features for your home. They provide access to the outside and allow light into the house’s interior. These doors are available in varying styles and materials to suit various projects. When picking a patio door, select one that suits the design of your home. 

Here are factors to consider to get the right door:

Some Factors To Consider While Choosing A Patio Door

1. Climate

Before buying a bi-fold patio door, it is essential to consider the weather. In countries that experience winter, get an energy-efficient door to conserve more energy. It will help you save money by lowering utility costs while increasing energy efficiency. Some of the patio doors you can pick are ones with double-pane glass or thermal insulation. It’s also vital to ensure high-quality weather stripping on your doors to prevent airflow.

2. Material

Pick a material that’s durable and needs little or no maintenance. Avoid materials such as wood which is expensive and requires regular maintenance. There are better options for harsh climates such as winter and extremely hot weather.

But one of the best to pick is fibreglass which requires little maintenance. Steel doors are durable and secure but might require maintenance in moist environments. Try patio doors made from vinyl for their energy efficiency, durability and ability to withstand harsh conditions. Doors made from these materials do not peel, fade or rot, making them the best.

3. Functionality

When picking a patio door, ensure it can handle high traffic. For instance, if children, deliveries and visitors go through it, choose a strong material. You can go for vinyl doors as they are appealing, robust and need little maintenance. But for protection in harsh conditions, aluminium patio doors are the best. But remember, the aluminium door price is higher than vinyl doors.

4. Space

Enough space to install the door provides a wide selection of doors. If the space is small, get a patio door with one swinging door that opens fully. If not, get a sliding door that slides parallel to the wall.

5. Style

When picking a door, aesthetics and functionality come into play. It’s essential to know the different door styles available in the market. They include swinging patio doors with glass panels hung in pairs. The other type is the French door hinged at the side jambs.

The panels of these doors meet when you close them. For smaller spaces, consider sliding/gliding/bypass patio doors. These doors allow a lot of natural light and are durable. They also come with sliding panels to create a continuous surface of the glass. The panels slide parallel to the wall without interference with walking space and furniture. Before buying any doors, know the style that will suit your home.

6. Security and placement

Security and placement are other things to consider before picking a patio door. Hinged patio doors have deadbolts and are a great option if you live near a busy area. Traditional aluminium sliding doors can be less secure because they can pop out of place, causing a security threat.

But you can opt for sliding glass doors with solid lock and alarm systems to maintain your home’s security. The frameless sliding glass patio doors have a distinct locking mechanism and will suit the backyard view. Before buying any patio doors, security should be a priority.

Picking patio doors can be challenging without proper understanding. It is crucial to ensure you consider the colour scheme of your home when selecting. Ensure you consider material, style, functionality, security, and placement. Doing this ensures that the patio door you get suits your home perfectly.

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