Best Tips to Fix Netgear Extender Keeps Dropping WiFi Issue

Experiencing the Netgear extender keeps dropping WiFi connection issue has been known to disappoint many users who have purchased wireless range extenders. In case, despite being connected to Netgear_ext, you are experiencing the same issue, then this is the right article for you to read. Here, not only will you learn about the reasons why you are facing this issue but also the solutions through which it can be gotten rid of. Taking this into account, you should keep reading this post or guide.

Why Does Netgear Extender Keep Dropping WiFi?

Highlighted in this section are the topmost reasons why your Netgear range extender keeps dropping the WiFi connection every chance that it gets.

  • The distance between the extender and the host router is not proper. Either you have placed them neck to neck or they are kept too far from each other.
  • You have used a wireless source of connection to connect the Netgear extender to the host router due to which the connection keeps dropping non-stop.
  • Transmitting appliances, metal objects, reflexive surfaces, and electronic devices are kept in the same room where the wireless extender is located.
  • Technical glitches can also make your networking device non-working and cause issues similar to the one that you are experiencing at the present moment.
  • You messed up while installing the extender. There can be two scenarios here: either you followed the wrong instructions or interrupted the setup process.

Now, you may make your way to the troubleshooting tips outlined in the following section and learn how to resolve the Netgear extender keeps dropping WiFi issue.

How to Stop Netgear Extender from Dropping WiFi?

1. Bring the WiFi Devices Closer

You can initiate the troubleshooting process by reducing the distance between the devices, i.e. the Netgear wireless range extender and the host router. However, avoid keeping them too close to each other. Or else, their signals will clash. Once that happens, you can forget about troubleshooting the Netgear extender keeps dropping WiFi connection issue.

2. Change the Connection Source

As mentioned above, the second reason why you are stuck with the Netgear extender keeps dropping WiFi connection issue is because you have used a wireless source of connection to connect the devices. To reverse the situation, you need to use a wired source. In other words, make use of a damage-free Ethernet cable to join the networking devices.

3. Relocate the Netgear Extender

Electronic devices, metal objects, and transmitting appliances emit electromagnetic waves which are not good for the health of your networking devices due to which you are forced to read this article. In view of this, it is recommended that you change the location of your wireless range extender and keep it away from these things. Also, do not keep it in corners.

4. Restart the Wireless Extender

Have you tried to restart your Netgear extender to get rid of the issue in debate? No? Well then, you ought to try now. We are suggesting this solution so that you can eliminate every external factor that might have caused the Netgear extender keeps dropping WiFi issue, including technical glitches. Also, it will prevent you from facing more issues in the future.

5. Reset the WiFi Range Extender

Despite all the efforts you have made, in case you are still going bonkers trying to stop your networking device from dropping the WiFi, then your last resort is to reset the extender. The same can be done if press the reset button on the extender and hold on for some time. After this, perform Netgear Genie smart setup by referring to the user manual.

The Conclusion

With the last hack, we are concluding this article written on how to fix the Netgear extender keeps dropping WiFi issue. We hope that after following the tips given above, you will be able to fix it in a hassle-free manner. In case, you do, then waste no more time in sharing your feedback with your fellow readers. The same effort can be made if you enter what you have to say in the comment section. If you have anything else to say about this post, then the same platform can be put to use. You can trust us with that.

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