Common Issues with Mitsubishi Cars: Solutions and Maintenance Tips

Mitsubishi has long been recognized as one of Japan’s most successful automotive exports, known for its reliability and affordable price range. However, like any other car brand, Mitsubishi vehicles can experience various issues over time.


Are Mitsubishi Cars Reliable?


Mitsubishi cars, particularly models like the Lancer, have consistently ranked high in reliability indexes. While they may not fare as well as some of their peers, Mitsubishi vehicles are generally considered reliable, especially considering their affordability. However, as automotive technology advances, the reliability levels of most cars, including Mitsubishi, have been affected. With the integration of more complex components and systems, there is a higher chance of potential failures.

AC Unit Failure


ServiceMyCar offers comprehensive Mitsubishi AC repair services, analyzing and determining the exact cause of the AC issue. Their professional technicians will ensure your AC system is restored to its optimal cooling performance in no time.

Various Issues with the Pistons


ServiceMyCar provides top-notch Mitsubishi engine repair services. Their experienced service advisors will guide you through the entire process, helping you decide whether to repair, replace, or rebuild the engine based on the severity of the issue.

Low Transmission Fluid Levels


ServiceMyCar offers a range of Mitsubishi transmission services, including complete transmission repair and fluid refill. By entrusting your Mitsubishi to their Mitsubishi specialists, you can address any transmission issues promptly and maintain optimal performance.

Odd Vibrations from the Steering Wheel


ServiceMyCar utilizes advanced computerized wheel alignment technology to accurately align your Mitsubishi’s wheels. With their expertise, your Mitsubishi will be back to its normal, vibration-free state in no time.

Unexpected Breakdowns


ServiceMyCar provides a top-notch Mitsubishi recovery service that operates throughout the UAE. With their swift assistance, you can expect help to arrive in under 40 minutes, getting you back on the road as quickly as possible.

Starting Issues with the Car


Starting issues, including electrical problems, can pose a threat to your Mitsubishi’s operation. If your car fails to start or exhibits any other electrical malfunctions, the culprit is often the battery. To address these issues and ensure a reliable starting system, ServiceMyCar offers comprehensive solutions for battery replacements and other electrical problems.

Their Mitsubishi battery replacement service will ensure your Mitsubishi’s electrical system is in optimal condition. By entrusting your car to their experienced technicians, you can expect a swift resolution to any starting issues.

Bad Oil Filter


ServiceMyCar’s Mitsubishi oil change service includes a thorough inspection of the oil filter. By replacing the oil and filter, you can restore your Mitsubishi’s performance to its ideal levels.

Other Essential Mitsubishi Services


Their Mitsubishi pre-purchase inspection service is particularly useful if you are considering buying a pre-owned Mitsubishi. With a thorough verification process, you can make an informed decision and avoid potential issues down the line

To cover all your Mitsubishi service needs, ServiceMyCar provides various service packages as part of their comprehensive Mitsubishi maintenance system. These packages include routine maintenance, ensuring that your Mitsubishi receives the necessary care and attention it deserves.



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While Mitsubishi cars are generally reliable, they can still experience common issues that require prompt attention and professional assistance. By addressing these issues through reputable repair centers like ServiceMyCar and implementing a proactive maintenance plan, you can ensure the longevity and optimal performance of your Mitsubishi. Stay vigilant, prioritize regular check-ups, and address any potential problems promptly to enjoy a smooth and worry-free driving experience with your Mitsubishi.

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