Effective Mobile App Conversion Strategies: Get More App Downloads

Most of the time established businesses and even startups think the journey of mobile app development ends with choosing the best custom app development services. On the contrary, your journey to build a successful mobile app begins there. Unless you consider adopting strategies to boost your mobile app conversion, your app will never see the light of success. And it is not just about businesses availing the benefits of mobile apps, but also the game studios availing mobile game development service.

Imagine you have come up with an outstanding product idea. You have given all our efforts and spent months designing and developing the product. You have even tested the products with real users. Nothing will go wrong. After that, you are about to launch your mobile app, hoping it will succeed soon. But, unfortunately, nothing comes in the way. Your mobile app fails to roll on success. Consequently, there seems no buzz around your product, and conversions fall shorter than you did expect.

How could this happen when everything seems so optimistic? Stop banging your head on the wall. Remember, you are not the only one hovering with innovative ideas and vying for audience attention. Or, you are not the only one to reach out to a SaaS software development company to boost your team collaboration and production.

So, it is clear that you need to take the extra mile to reduce the chances of your worst nightmare happening: none is installing your mobile app.

Repeating it: don’t panic. Here, we will discuss how to boost your mobile app conversion and enjoy more downloads. Let’s bring your mobile app under the limelight and hit the crowd.

What is Mobile Conversion Rate?

Before heading straight to the ways to increase your app conversion, it is crucial to clear the definition first. And much shockingly, one can determine the conversion rate of mobile apps from two different angles.

  • The total number of application downloads from different app stores (also known as app store conversion rate),
  • The total number of completing desired in-app actions such as making a purchase, subscribing, or viewing content.

Hence, mobile app conversion is the prime metric for companies to decide which channel performs with the highest efficacy in driving the audience to the app. If companies want to learn how their mobile app is performing across the app stores, the conversion rate is the only way to find the answer.

What is Mobile App Conversion Optimization?

Most mobile apps experience a 1-2% average conversion. (Upland)

Therefore, for seasoned companies and startups, hitting anything above 2% is a strong conversion rate. Unless companies work on improving their conversion rate, they can not even achieve half of their success.

Therefore conversion goals include:

  • More lead generation
  • More sales
  • Get visitors to sign up for your webinars.

It will become impossible for companies to attain their mobile app conversion goal unless they adopt effective conversion strategies.

Mobile App Conversion Strategies Bringing More App Downloads

The mobile app industry will hit $565.40 billion by 2030. (Grand View Research)

Even the top players must paddle up faster not to leave behind in the competition. It is crucial to learn how to boost your mobile app conversion rate. The following are effective ways to make your conversion higher.

So, let’s cut to the chase!

App Store Optimization

Mobile app stores are the only place where users browse mobile apps. So, it makes sense to start optimizing your app page in the app stores if you want to push your conversion rate beyond limits.

50% of users discover their mobile apps by searching the app store. (Yahoo News)

Hence, if your mobile app is not visible across the app stores, you will lose the opportunity for massive downloads. On the other side, your competitors will gain more users just because you fail to showcase your product correctly to the users. Moreover, mobile app store follows different algorithm when optimizing them.

However, if you want to improve your visibility, and enjoy your products flying off the shelves, follow these rules:

  • Use effective keywords in your mobile apps’ names.
  • Stuff keywords are in your app description as well.
  • Consider localizing your content.
  • Add images and screenshots to your mobile app page.

Consider Localizing 

Localization is a brilliant way to tailor your mobile app to the audience across different countries, diverse cultures, and languages. Things go like this. You have built a mobile app in English. English is the most common language across the globe. Still, your app fails to hit the right chord of the audience. So how about offering your mobile app to users in their distinctive native languages? At this point, localization comes into play. Initiate translating the crucial elements of your app page like the app description, screenshots, Etc.

Furthermore, while deciding to localize your app, dig out which languages are native to most of your users. For instance, most of your targeted audiences are from Germany. But, you have to localize your app description and keywords in French and Spanish. It will never fetch conversions. So, research that first and then localize your app content.

Different Strategies For Android And iOS

You have reached out to one of the top mobile game development services to reach Android and iOS users at the same time. Well, that sounds pretty ambitious. It will increase your chances of experiencing more and more app downloads. However, remember, you need to sketch out different strategies for Android and iOS. App store policies are also different for Android and iOS.

For instance, Android app users are more likely to go with the first impression of a mobile app. So, if your app makes them fall at first sight, you will experience only success.

Get More User Ratings and Reviews

  • Positive feedback works everywhere to glue your users to your products.
  • It is even effective in the case of increasing mobile app conversion
  • Without a doubt, app ratings are one of the most powerful marketing tools you have in the app stores.
  • When users see positive reviews about your app from other users, they will go to download your app.

Final Words

So, it is clear that building mobile apps is not enough to attain your goal unless you boost your mobile app conversion rate. So, you can jump on the wagon to develop fascinating mobile apps, bringing your idea to life. But, it would help if you worked on the conversions also to make your app sustainable and thriving across the app stores.

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