Exploring the Different Types of Suspension Parts

When your car starts to feel a little loose or rattles over bumps, it might be time to replace some suspension parts. Don’t just grab the cheapest thing at the auto parts store though. You want quality parts that fit properly. In this article, you’ll get recommendations on some solid suspension upgrades for your ride – ball joints, control arms, shocks, and struts. We’ll go over how to know when they’re worn out, what to look for in new parts, and how to get the most bang for your buck. With these tips, you can improve handling as well as ride comfort and keep everything aligned and tight.

Essential Suspension Parts You Need for a Smooth Ride

Your car’s suspension takes a beating, and over time parts wear out and start failing. When one part goes, the suspension system as a whole suffers. Replacing key components is crucial for ride quality and safety. Here are some must-have parts to keep on hand:

  • Shocks/Struts – The shocks and struts dampen impacts from bumps or potholes and control bouncing. Worn shocks allow too much bouncing, affecting handling and braking. Look for oil leaks, corrosion, and worn bushings or seals. Replace if needed. Good quality aftermarket or OEM parts improve the ride.
  • Control arms – These connect the wheels and suspension to the vehicle frame. Bad bushings or joints introduce extra play into steering and suspension movement. Clunks when turning or vibrating at certain speeds are signs to replace.
  • Tie rods – They connect your steering system to the wheels. They wear over time, causing wandering, loose steering and poor alignment. Replace bent, cracked or very loose tie rods.
  • Ball joints – Ball joints connect control arms to the wheels and spindle. Bad joints cause wandering, vibration, and noise. Check for looseness or damage.
  • Sway bar bushings/links – Faulty links or hardened bushings reduce stability in turns. Look for damaged parts or play in the links. Replace as needed.

Replace worn suspension parts sooner rather than later. This keeps your ride stable and aligned properly for better handling and tire wear. Using quality aftermarket or OEM replacement parts helps restore that like-new feel.

Upgrading Your Suspension: Performance Parts to Consider

When it comes to upgrading your ride’s suspension, the auto parts store offers lots of options. Here are a few key parts to consider for a smoother, sportier ride.

Springs: Upgrade your stock springs to lower your vehicle and enhance handling and control. Lowering springs and coilover springs are popular choices. Make sure to match the springs to your vehicle’s weight and intended use. Heavier duty springs are available for hauling or off-road use.

Sway Bars: Also called anti-roll bars, sway bars reduce body roll in turns. Thicker front and rear sway bars improve handling response. Pick sway bars rated for your vehicle weight.

Struts and Shocks: These control spring and suspension movement. Performance struts and shocks provide better damping and handling. Go with monotube, gas-filled designs from quality brands.

Control Arms: Suspension arms pivot to allow wheel movement. Upgraded arms let you adjust alignment settings. Consider adjustable, forged aluminum or stainless steel arms.

Bushings: These cushion and pivot points in the suspension. Urethane bushings are stiffer than stock rubber bushings for precision handling.

Chassis Braces: Add chassis braces to stiffen the frame or unibody for better suspension performance. Many braces bolt in easily.

Be sure upgraded parts are compatible with your vehicle. A professional installation is recommended to ensure correct fitting and alignment. With quality parts, you’ll enjoy improved handling, cornering and ride comfort.

Buying Quality Suspension Parts on a Budget

Here’s the key to finding affordable suspension parts that still provide a smooth ride and good handling. You can save money by focusing on certain essential components rather than replacing everything.

Start with the shocks and struts. Worn out shocks allow bouncing and swaying that feels unstable. New ones stabilize your vehicle’s suspension for better control. See if quick-struts are available, which combine the coil spring already assembled onto new struts to simplify installation.

Next consider vital wear items like control arm bushings and ball joints. Excess play from bad bushings causes imprecise steering. Shot ball joints alter wheel alignment. Inspect boots on ball joints for cracks and leaks. Replace any questionable parts in pairs to prevent premature wear.

For older vehicles, new tie rod ends refresh the steering linkage. And don’t forget that a wheel alignment is key after replacing any worn components to restore precise handling and proper tire wear.

Cheap brake pads tend to be noisy with more brake dust. For better stopping power along with quiet operation, low dust formulas from name brands are worthwhile for only a small step up in price.

The condition of shocks and struts has the biggest influence on ride quality and control. Focusing budget dollars there while replacing any visibly damaged or worn steering/suspension hardware can restore handling confidence at minimal cost. Then down the road if you want to upgrade to performance springs, sway bars and bushings for sharper response, quality shocks and struts better support those enhancements.


So that’s it – the key suspension parts you’ll want to grab next time you’re at the auto parts store for your ride. Whether you just need new shocks and struts or are looking to upgrade other components too, understanding what each part does will help you pick out the right gear. And don’t forget to factor in ride comfort and performance along with the condition of your current parts. With the right upgrades dialed in, you’ll be gliding down the road feeling like you’re riding on air. Just take it slow with the installation if you decide to DIY it. But either way, your freshly tricked out suspension will have you and your passengers smooth rolling in no time.

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