Here’s Why a Montessori Preschool is a Silent Guardian For Your Child’s Schooling

‘Why should a child wait until six before he can begin his life’s work?’ Maria Montessori once asked.

There was a time when toddlers would learn only on the basis of house chores and basic tasks. This surely worked in its own way for many decades and scores. However, eventually, educators realised that even in the case of young children, a methodical system of learning, if put in place, can be highly effective.

Keeping this understanding in mind and after some analysis, in 1907, a particular educationist and scientist, by the name of Maria Montessori, devised a particular pedagogy in order to make sure the children learn more effectively. She devised the methodology and circulated it in her own book called, ‘The Montessori Method’. This book gained traction pretty quickly and a prominent banker in New York offered Maria to open the first-ever Montessori school in 1911. After that, eminent personalities of that time started following this method. This further helped in validating and popularising the new concept.

Since then, the Montessori preschool style of education has been the global standard owing to the steep increase in the learning curve of children aged 2.5 years to 6 years. Now, after more than a century and with technological differences that go through the roof, we ought to understand how a Montessori preschool educational launchpad is still relevant and how schools across the world have started mixing the methods of traditional Montessori with modern appendages.

Montessori Schools in 2021

For instance, if we look at the aspect of international schools Singapore, we will notice that young learners are being taught the methods of Montessori using a well-equipped classroom especially made using materials that are in line with recently researched learning techniques. One such example of a Montessori school is Global Indian International School, Singapore which has even designed its campus in the shape of a nest, owing to the ideology of a sense of incubation. Apart from such aspects that are generally overlooked by many schools claiming to follow the essence of Montessori learning, GIIS takes it one step ahead by offering a Global Montessori Plus programme that lives by 5 strong pillars. These 5 pillars individually look at each facet that a 2.5 – 5-year-old learner should inculcate for his or her future years. Let’s have a quick look at them.

  1. ‘Excelerate’ Programme
  2. Multi-faceted Learning
  3. iPlay Programme
  4. iCare Programme
  5. Future Ready Programme

In essence, young learners are exposed to all aspects from caring about the environment, learning physical skills to being open to tech skills.

Results of a Montessori Preschool Education

So, what necessarily happens when a child leaves a Montessori establishment?

The transfer from a Montessori air to a traditional school is meant to smoothen the transition from hands-on learning to more theorised learning. By the time the children reach that stage, Montessori school children become quite independent in a traditional school and they are able to work in groups. They are encouraged to make decisions and solve problems and make mutually-sensible choices. They also develop good communication skills which keep them in good stead throughout their lives. Eventually, they emerge with good self-esteem and are confident to face the challenges that lie ahead.

In essence, the belief that was held by Maria Montessori focused heavily on early-stage learning. Some known Montessori preschools in Singapore are Brainy Child Montessori, Josiah Montessory, House on the Hill, Brighton Montessori, Early Years Montessori, Green Tree, Inno, Les Oliviers, Lodestar Montessori and Little Hands Montessori Kindergarten.

All these preschools are quite active and hence, would be highly responsive if you contact them for any query!

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