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How is professional carpet cleaning done?

Why are there so many carpet cleaning methods or techniques? 

When it comes to cleaning methods everyone knows about steam cleaning methods and is considered the best. Still, professional cleaners use various cleaning methods in their services. As most people call steam cleaning is the best cleaning method but every cleaning method has its advantages and disadvantages. In this blog, we will discuss all five professional carpet cleaning methods so you can easily make a decision on which cleaning method is suited to you according to your needs. Additionally, Carpet Cleaning San Diego

Using the latest methods and techniques to clean your carpets gives you 100% satisfaction. 

Five Common Professional Carpet Cleaning Techniques 

Five professional carpet cleaning methods include Hot Water Extraction, Absorbent Cleaning, Bonnet Cleaning, Carpet Shampooing, and Encapsulation. You can use one of the following techniques to clean your carpets and remove bacteria and harmful substances from your carpets. 

Is hot water extraction best in carpet cleaning techniques?

Hot water extraction is also known as the steam cleaning method. Although it’s also used to clean industrial carpeting, this is the most typical method for cleaning home carpets. This technique thoroughly cleans your carpets while also eradicating dangerous microorganisms using pressurised hot water. Although it requires a lot of water, the most popular cleaning option for households, your carpet will need time to dry.

When using hot water extraction, it’s best to choose a time when you won’t be present. This can occur in the late afternoon when the office will be closed for the night in a business setting. For homeowners, this can be before you leave for work in the morning. Your carpets will be dry and clean when you get back, regardless of what happened.

A popular deep cleaning technique for household and business settings is steam cleaning. To remove dirt, debris, and germs from your carpet, high pressure and heat are used. As a professional carpet cleaning technique, it enhances the appearance of your carpet and gets rid of dangerous debris that is embedded deeply inside the carpet fibres.

Dry carpet cleaning gives a deep carpet cleaning? 

This cleaning technique combines water, detergent, and a solvent with a gentle, natural cleaning agent. The solution is then often applied to the carpet in the form of clumps that attract germs and dangerous particles. Your carpets remain dry since the clumps are subsequently cleaned off.

While dry powder cleaning just cleans the top of your carpet, it is a wonderful strategy to prevent your carpets from looking overly unclean.

Carpet Shampooing- The oldest professional carpet cleaning technique

The Carpet Shampooing cleaning method is one of the oldest cleaning methods. Since then, the cleaning method of shampooing has been replaced with encapsulation, which is now more popular. It’s a terrific technique to thoroughly clean carpets, but if done wrong, it leaves behind a lot of residue that might get sticky. The substance will stay in the carpet and it takes a long time to dry. 

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Bonnet Cleaning method-Quick Cleaning method

This method is used when you need to quickly clean. This method is mostly used in commercial buildings. The bonnet cleaning method makes use of a machine with a spinning pad that is drenched in solution and is typically utilised in business buildings that require a facelift. Because dirt from the deeper layers will ultimately find its way to the surface and become revealed, it is necessary to employ this approach more frequently to keep the carpet’s surface clean. Because it just touched the surface and is known to leave residue, it is one of the quickest ways.

Absorbent Powder Carpet Cleaning Method- Eliminate Absorbent Substance 

To eliminate any loose dirt particles before using the absorbent powder carpet cleaning procedure, the carpet must first be properly cleaned. Later, a dry absorbent substance is swept through or sprinkled over the carpet. The powdered substance draws and sucks up dirt from the carpet. Some are also made to absorb pet pee and mask or get rid of the smell.

Finally, the carpet is vacuumed once more to remove the absorbent substance, exposing a cleaner, fresher, and healthier carpet for your home or place of business.

Are Coastal Chem-Dry the Best Cleaners in San Diego?

Coastal Chem-Dry with years of experience provides both residential and commercial cleaning methods comprehensively and professionally. They clean grout, rugs, tile, leather, carpets, upholstery and many more. Additionally, they use the latest methods and technologies to analyse carpets. 

If you are searching for the best carpet cleaner in San Diego then Coastal Chem-Dry Cleaners are trained, and certified. They use eco-friendly carbonated solutions and serve thousands of homes, offices, apartments, and buildings. 


In short, it is clear that every carpet cleaning method has its advantages and disadvantages, but the above-mentioned methods are most common in cleaning companies. You should regularly clean your carpets to remove bacteria, and harmful particles using cleaning techniques according to your demand. 

We also recommend hiring a carpet cleaning San Diego Coastal Chem-Dry Cleaner for your carpet cleaning services. 



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