JCB 3DX Xtra and CAT 424 Heavy-Duty Loader Comparison
JCB 3DX Xtra and CAT 424 Heavy-Duty Loader Comparison

JCB 3DX Xtra and CAT 424: Heavy-Duty Loader Comparison

Heavy-duty, multipurpose backhoe loaders are essential for excavation and earthmoving jobs. JCB and CAT backhoe loaders are the two strong competitors in this field.

CAT backhoe loaders are praised for their durability, dependability, and cutting-edge technological features. Caterpillar is a well-known equipment company. They provide remarkable performance and endurance on construction sites worldwide, excelling in various tasks from trenching and digging to loading and material handling.

On the other hand, the well-known manufacturer of construction equipment, JCB, is known for its innovative and effective backhoe loaders. The backhoe loaders made by JCB use cutting-edge technology and creative design aspects to boost productivity and operator comfort.

These backhoe loaders are excellent for various jobs because of their adaptability and simplicity of usage.

About CAT 424 Backhoe Loader

  • This backhoe loader from Caterpillar Inc. is a hit in the construction world for all the right reasons.
  •  First, it weighs 8045 kg and is excellent at lifting heavy stuff in one go, which means it gets work done faster.
  • It has a big 42-litre hydraulic oil capacity that makes things move smoothly and reduces problems.
  • Plus, it can reach high places and has a big 2 cum bucket that makes carrying materials easy.
  •  It’s also great for lifting heavy things (up to 3540 kg) and digging deep (up to 2735 MM).

About JCB 3DX Xtra

  • Introducing another top-selling construction marvel with outstanding features. Surpassing output, its weight stands tall.
  • Reaching a height of 5794 mm, it’s exceptional.
  • It is operating at 7630 kg, and its effectiveness soars, lifting 1800 kg.
  • With 130 litres of Hydraulic oil, it’s power-packed.
  • Scaling mid-sized projects seamlessly, it’s a JCB machine price at Rs. 32 – 34 Lakh in India.

Are you considering buying a loader from JCB or CAT equipment? We’ve got both covered on a single platform!

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