Revenge and juice wrld

Revenge and juice wrld

Unreleased photos from our first time meeting, 5 years since we befriended a legend and 5 years since the legendary album GBGR, to celebrate we have a surprise for you, this Sunday 5/28 at 2PM PST. Revenge Clothing Original XXXTentacion Merchandise and grab the high quality XXXTentacion Chain Hoodie, Shirt.

The Revenge Official Clothing Brand

There Is Not So Much Inside Information About, The Revenge Official Clothing Brand. And We Know It First Appeared On Instagram On May, 27 Th, 2016. And A Picture Of A Man With His Face Covered, And Wearing A T-Shirt With «REVENGE» Text. The Revenge Clothing Brand Is Based In Los Angeles. Though There Is No Brick And Mortar Store You Can Walk In. An Everything Is Sale Online And Through Pop-Ups. And The Revenge Clothing Brand Owner Is GARETTE. A Very Secretive Man In His Early 20s, Who Never Shows His Face, And From Time To Time. There Are Live Streams On The Revenge Brand’s Instagram To Announce Up Coming New Drops.

The Revenge Hoodie & The XXXTentacion = XXXTentacion Revenge Hoodie

Later in 2016, or in early 2017, Garrette met rapper XXXTentacion. It’s unclear who initiated the meeting, but most probably they were acquainted through Instagram DMs. Anyway, Garette was the real beneficiary. After X showed his support for the brand, the popularity of Revenge skyrocketed.
At that time, XXXTentacion (friends called him by his real name, Jahseh) was gaining popularity on Soundcloud. His violent track Look At Me! was a huge online success. X was part of a new wave of artists, whose music incarnated a disconnect with social norms.

The collaboration between XXXTentacion and Revenge brand brought us things like the Kill hoodie. They also made popular their own style of hoodies with a cropped bottom and no drawstring. Not only did X wear Revenge clothes, but his fellows from Members Only hip-hop, crew, and other Soundcloud rappers also appeared in them in public. This helped the brand get its feet off the ground and start to make a name for themselves.

Zilla Kami

Junius Rogers (born September 20, 1999), known professionally as ZillaKami, is an American rapper and singer from Bay Shore, New York. Best known for his striking grillz, eccentric persona, and provocative lyrics & music videos, which often depict drug abuse, violence, and nudity. Zilla’s controversial style started gaining traction online in early 2018. This attention resulted in recognition from and subsequent collaboration with Denzel Curry. He’s known for mixing genres with trap music like punk, grunge, and metal.

Although Zilla Kami collaborated extensively with 6ix9ine in the past, they had a falling out after 69 refused to pay royalties for certain songs Zilla wrote. He has since been working with other rappers from the NY underground hip-hop scene, such as Sos Mula, Scum Bag Chad, and ITSOKTOCRY.

As a solo artist, Zillakami released his album, DOG BOY on September 17, 2021.

Ekkstacy + Revenge Clothings

Ekkstacy is an artist from Vancouver, Canada. He always Wanted To Be An Artist, But he Felt like , That was something he couldn’t do because he didn’t have the confidence.


Twenty-year-old artist EKKSTACY had already dealt with a lifetime of depression and anxiety before a severe mental health episode at age17 led him to drug-induced psychosis and a suicide attempt. As he bounced back, EKKSTACY immersed himself in music. “I really needed something like an outlet,” he says, “because I didn’t have anybody. So I started writing.” Already a fan of the SoundCloud rap that had blown up in his early teens, he now binged on moody indie rock with the same intensity, in his downtime between shifts at an Amazon warehouse. Working alone and teaching himself as he went, EKKSTACY channeled his musical obsessions and PTSD into songs with brutally honest lyrics about self-harm and sadness, and slate-grey production that recalls early-80s post-punk. When he began posting tracks like his breakthrough single “i walk this earth all by myself” to streaming services, he found an eager audience awaiting him. When a friend crunched the numbers and told EKKSTACY he was making enough money from Spotify to pay his rent, he quit his job the same day. Three short years later, EKKSTACY has amassed a growing cult following, and is poised to release his eagerly-anticipated second LP,Misery, which is sure to make it even bigger. On Misery, the hooks are even hookier, and the lyrics are even rawer, and the entire project is infused with an urgent new energy that brings the anxious aggression and breakneck tempos of early punk into the doomscroll era.

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