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The school environment really matters your child’s overall development

School is essential for every child. After all, it is here that a student learns the way of the world. It is here that the understanding of the world is shaped. And it is here that a child gets education – without which he or she would not be able to provide for themselves.

Now the question is: does the school environment matter to a child’s overall development? We are of the opinion that it does. That’s the reason why some people go for expensive private education instead of sending their children to affordable government-run schools.

In this blog post, we will help you choose the right school for your child by looking at various parameters that contribute to the right school environment. Let’s begin.

Qualification of the teaching staff

We cannot undermine the importance of a teacher’s role in enabling a student’s growth. Taking this into consideration, it is of extreme importance that you choose a school that has a rigorous selection criterion for teacher enrolment.

Go for schools where the teacher’s qualifications are appropriately vetted, and their experience is researched. Doing this will ensure that your child gets a quality education from the most qualified and sharpest teachers in your city.

For example, schools like the Global Indian International School Singapore have a thorough recruitment process for teachers. Only those teachers who hold the necessary qualifications and ace all the interview programs with flying colours are recruited.


Teacher-to-Student Ratio

Another factor that you might want to take into account is the teacher to student ratio of the school. Schools where the number of students far exceeds the teachers suffer because the teacher does not have enough time to focus equally on each child.

Most good schools have a teacher to student ratio of 1:15 or even less. In such schools, the teachers can devote enough time and effort to each student in a fair manner. So this might also be something that you’d want to look at when choosing the right school for your child.


Spaciousness of Classrooms

Believe it or not, but the spaciousness of a classroom affects the quality of education for any child. The more spacious a classroom, the more student and study-friendly it is. A spacious classroom gives students enough room to breathe, move around, and exercise their cognitive abilities.

So while this factor may not make it to the top of your list, we advise you to do a school tour before deciding the right school for your child.


Promotion of healthy competition

Another factor that you might want to consider is the school administration’s outlook toward competition. How do they view it? Are they an establishment that puts pressure on a student?

The answer to these questions cannot be identified through one-time interaction, but having a conversation about this with the teaching staff and school administration like the school principal can do you a world of good.

It’s all about the balance, so look for competitive schools that promote healthy competition between students without putting unnecessary pressure on them to perform.


Skill Development and Social Development

A healthy school environment is one that encourages a child to develop their skills and cultivate their passion – even if it’s not directly related to academics. After all, the right school is one that focuses on the overall holistic development of the child, not just his or her academic performance.

Additionally, the right school will also train children to become socially adjusted. Through subjects like moral science, sex education programmes and counselling sessions, a school can shape the morality and social conduct of a student. In the grand scheme of things, this matters because it trains your child to become socially adept individuals.

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