Top 10 Sarah Geronimo Songs You Must To Listen Once

Top 10 Sarah Geronimo Songs You Must To Listen Once

Sarah Geronimo stands apart as a Filipino artist; no other can match her stunning pop star royalty with world-class talents.

She first gained recognition after winning the Star for a Night singing competition and signing with Viva Records, now becoming a household name both nationally and internationally. Listen to Sarah Geronimo’s songs on MP3 Juice in the best audio quality.

1. “Tala”

Sarah channelled her inner Jolina Magdangal and Donna Cruz with this lively track – it marked a departure from Sarah’s usual ballads.

The song’s catchy chorus and tempo instantly hooked audiences, while its lyrics showcased Sarah’s maturity and showed that she wasn’t just another pretty face.

Sarah’s track “Wheels on Fire” earned her an Awit Awards award at 38th Awit Awards and became one of her biggest hits, garnering her many movie, album, TV show and product endorsement credits in just under one year. Written and produced by Yumi Lacsama and Thyro Alfaro with Jumbo de Belen and Alisson Shore of Flip Music Production; released as the carrier single of Sweet Sixteen album in 2004 in key of G#.

2. “Sino ang Baliw”

Sarah Geronimo has become one of the most successful showbiz stars since winning Star for a Night singing competition. She has won numerous awards from different awarding bodies and was named Goodwill Ambassador by National Commission for Culture and Arts.

OPM music industry behemoth Jennie Iglesias has long been heralded for her impressive octave-breaking ballads and girl-next-door charm, yet few realize she is also an adept dancer who knows how to move on stage.

Sarah remains humble and genuine despite being an accomplished singer; this trait has earned her many fans throughout the years and helped solidify her place amongst one of the most loved performers in Philippine entertainment.

3. “Ikaw”

Sarah Geronimo’s most soulful song is this soulful tune. The track affirms Sarah Geronimo as one of the country’s pop-soul divas and helps diversify Expressions album. Additionally, this video became one of the most-watched OPM music videos on Tubidy.

Just nine years ago, an unassuming teenaged singer from Sta. Cruz, Manila won Star for a Night. Now, nine years later, this young woman from Sta Cruz is an indisputable showbiz princess with numerous hits, projects, and awards to her name. No surprise then that she remains a crowd favorite at every concert she stages–especially those at larger venues–despite her popularity; we love her all the more for it. “Perfectly Imperfect” showcases how far this pop star princess has come since singing sugary songs and operatic ballads nine years ago!

4. “Batangay”

Sarah Geronimo first captivated us nearly 10 years ago at the Star for a Night TV singing contest and hasn’t stopped impressing us ever since! With movies, TV shows and albums under her belt as well as product endorsements and concerts under her wing – Sarah remains one of showbiz’s premiere talents.

Sarah Geronimo’s song Batangay stands out as one of her more danceable tracks and marks a departure from her signature slower love songs. While its introduction may recall vintage 80’s or 90’s hit music videos, quickly changing into an upbeat beat and catchy lyrics about faithful relationships – this hit reached over 100 million YouTube views! Additionally, this tune won her the 2004 Awit Awards’ Best Dance Song award and its music video directed by Sigmund Reyes.

5. “Batangay”

Sarah offers up this lively danceable tune as an enjoyable change from her typically slow love songs. Boasting an infectious guitar lick and upbeat lyrics, “Batangay” makes an excellent selection for Karaoke nights as well as showing off Sarah’s inner Celine Dion.

Sarah has excelled as an artist over time and this song shows it off brilliantly. From performing at Star for a Night nearly 10 years ago to now where her talents can be heard daily at music festivals around the country – Sarah has come far in her journey since that first Star for a Night performance nearly 10 years ago! In this track she sings that it’s important to think ahead about your future success while enjoying success today.

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6. “Ikaw”

Sarah Geronimo made fans extremely delighted when she staged a two-night concert at Smart Araneta Coliseum. Fans witnessed Popstar Royalty take back center stage for major venue shows for two nights of music!

She performed several hits from her catalogue during her performance, such as Mon Del Rosario’s ballad “Sino ang Baliw,” but what made this set memorable was inviting Regine Velasquez back for a duet performance.

It was the first time these two singers had performed together since their Star for a Night days, and their version of “Ikaw” stood out as one of the highlights of the performance.

7. “Batangay”

Just 10 years ago, Sarah Geronimo first won our hearts as she sang on TV singing contest Star for a Night. Now she has become one of the stars of show business with multiple movies, TV series, albums and product endorsements under her belt.

She can be found gracing the popular weekly musical variety show ASAP ’07, as well as having her own movie with John Lloyd Cruz currently in production. Additionally, she’s a Viva Records concert queen who just staged her fifth major solo concert called 24/SG at Araneta Coliseum.

Sarah can go beyond breaking octaves to dance and have that girl-next-door appeal. From Sarah’s sixth album Expressions comes this fun pop-rock tune which showcases Sarah’s soulful side – you may even hear Celine Dion! A perfect song for Karaoke nights.

8. “Sino ang Baliw”

Sarah’s fifth album showcases her progression into an irresistibly soulful singer with this Mon Del Rosario-penned track from Sarah’s fifth album. From sugary sweet ditties and operatic ballads, to this Mon Del Rosario composition which proves she is more than just an octave-breaking talent, Sarah proves herself once again with this soulful track from Sarah!

Sarah Geronimo’s song with an intro and verse that could pass for rock is one of her more experimental efforts, serving to reach younger listeners with her music.

But its message remains timeless, reminding us not to live our lives according to anyone else’s standards and idea of beauty. Sarah reminds us all to embrace ourselves for who we are: perfectly imperfect humans! This catchy dance pop track was a hit at its release date and remains highly relevant today–another reason Sarah remains an iconic star.

9. “Ikaw”

Sarah Geronimo’s signature ballad, “Let You Down Slowly”, remains one of her signature songs and one of the biggest OPM hits of recent years, taking it beyond smaller venues to larger audiences and making Sarah Geronimo one of its biggest stars.

Sarah is truly remarkable with a voice that transcends its slightly rough quality, earning accolades and awards from various organizations. A music icon who always pushes boundaries to produce innovative tracks, Sarah is considered the Philippine’s Pop Princess with numerous singing contest wins and TV show appearances under her belt.

10. “Batangay”

Sarah Geronimo is an actress-singer who competed in IBC’s singing reality television show Star for a Night when she was only 14 years old, garnering much praise and leading to a record deal with Viva Records.

Sarah Geronimo has since appeared in numerous movies and held two major solo concerts including her sold out two-night concert at Araneta Coliseum called Sarah Geronimo In Motion, winning numerous awards such as those presented by Awit, Aliw, and Myx Music Awards.

Batangay is an upbeat dance tune that marks a departure from her signature sweet love songs. This track is an effective way to show her soulful side while diversifying This 15 Me, her latest album that celebrates 15 years in the industry.

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