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Top Advantages of Installing False Decorative Fireplaces

False decorative fireplaces are designed to fit into small spaces. House owners are no longer satisfied with a functional design. They also want an attractive and modern interior to enjoy by themselves or with family and friends.

According to Waterloo renovations experts, you can still add a unique touch and warmth to your space even if you do not have much space or a suitable installation.

Benefits of false fireplaces:

Decor function

Electric Fireplaces are similar to traditional fireplaces in appearance, as they were designed with a decorative purpose.

This type of fireplace is not made with real coal or logs, and it does not feature real flames. The fireplace is made up of fake elements, an animated simulation, and flames.


Heating Support

These fireplaces can be used as an addition to heating, even though their main purpose is to decorate. They do not provide much heat by themselves but can act as a support for electric radiators.


Flame simulation

It is possible to enjoy the flame simulation without using the heater. It is a great way to enjoy the atmosphere of the flames, without having to use the heater.


Low consumption

The cost of an electric fire in heating mode is similar to that of an electric heater. When only the flame feature is used, energy-saving LEDs are used to reduce the cost.


Risk free

The fireplaces are not fuel-powered, so there is no need to purchase fuel or risk.


Easy Installation

Installing a fake decorative fireplace is easy. All you need is a plug and a place to put it. This can be the wall or the hole that was previously in the fireplace. You can have it ready to use much faster than you think.


Remote control

Many models come with a remote that lets you turn the unit on or off remotely, as well as change its mode from heating to simulation.


 Cost less

This type of fireplace offers a cheaper alternative than conventional fireplaces. The cost of lighting is low and you can enjoy similar features.


Can I heat my room using a decorative fireplace?

Yes. Fake Fireplaces not only create the illusion of a fireplace but also generate heat within the space they are placed in. They will therefore heat the room.

Remember that the heater can be variable in power. Therefore, it is important to know its characteristics and the requirements of the room where you plan to install it.

Installing a fireplace in a house is a complicated process, as it requires a smoke exhaust from the room up to the roof. The installation will be more complicated if the fireplace isn’t on the upper floors.

A Pellet Heating or a similar system does not require such a complicated installation. This is especially beneficial for houses that are already built and looking to upgrade their Heating System without having to undergo a Comprehensive Reform in-house.

Do not hesitate to install a faux decorative fireplace in your living area if you wish to create a warm, inviting atmosphere. It is durable and environmentally friendly.

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