united name change- exploring the guidelines

United Airlines Name Change: Exploring The Guidelines & Requirements

United Airlines, one of the most popular brands across the US, allows for minor name corrections only for validated tickets. However, the updated name must match the government-issued ID or passport. We have come with a new blog for United name change policy.

You can complete the United Airlines name change process by going through the website, but before proceeding, you must know the rules, guidelines and all other important details. Therefore, this post is all about name change policy guidelines; if you also want to learn about United cancellation policy, flight change policy and more, please visit the United official website or talk with a live agent over a call.

An Overview of United Airlines Name Change Guidelines

Though the United Airlines name change policy gives passengers chances to correct any mistake or to make any significant change, there are also some rules and guidelines that you will need to keep in mind while looking for a change. Hence, According to the process, a misspelt name is subject to change when the following guidelines are met:

  • Your name spelling can only be corrected if the flight is operated by United Airlines.
  • If you are travelling with connecting or codeshare flights, the United Airlines name change guideline applies only to the United segment of the flight.
  • 016 should be the first digit of your United flight ticket.
  • The most important thing is that you are only allowed to make a single change and have to pay a fine and do a lot of paperwork before making any other changes to the reservation.
  • As per United Airlines name change policy, If you want to request a name change on a United Airlines ticket, you must pay about $75 if you do so within a day of the original purchase. However, if you cross the time limit after the name change is given, the cost of changing the name varies up to $200 per way.
  • You cannot change the flight ticket date, class, time, or fare basic code.

The following table is a brief overview of the acceptable changes based on United name correction types:

Type of correction Changes that can be made
Change in-

  • Last/first/middle name
  • Legal name from a nickname
  • Middle name addition and inverted names
  • Adding the last name
The United Airlines name change guidelines allow alterations if the ticket’s name matches the government-issued ID or passport. Additionally, your date of birth and gender must be identical to your ID or passport.
Editing name due to marriage, divorce or adoption. The OSI United Airlines name change waiver code would apply in this case.
United Airlines middle name addition Per the existing guidelines, you must rebook your flight ticket under a new slot under your correct name.

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This was a detailed guide on United Airlines name change guidelines that show you all the important details reading the policy. Even then, if you still have doubts, you can call the customer service team through their official helpline number. Further, you can use this number: +1-800-865-1848 for prompt service with any questions you may have.

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