Unleash Power Convenience 6 Gang Switched Surge Protected Extension


Today’s fast-paced digital world has led to an ever-increasing demand for power-hungry devices requiring electricity. From laptops and smartphones to gaming consoles and home appliances, we rely heavily on electricity for daily life activities like work and recreation. Because of this reliance, versatile yet reliable power solutions such as the 6 Gang Switched Surge Protected Extension Lead 5m in elegant black offers versatile yet reliable solutions designed to meet our power needs – in this article, we explore this device’s many features allowing informed choices when choosing suitable solutions that suit our electrical needs.

Unparalleled Convenience

Maximize Your Power Potential

Conveniently packed with six power outlets in one compact unit, the 6 Gang Switched Surge Protected Extension Lead 5m makes harnessing all your available energy a snap. No longer will unplugging and replugging devices be an issue when switching devices; with this extension lead powering home offices, entertainment centers and gaming setups is no longer a hassle.

Electrical surges and spikes can pose a threat to your electronics, but our extension lead’s surge protection feature offers peace of mind by shielding devices from unexpected power surges and voltage fluctuations. Your laptop, television and gaming console remain protected ensuring longevity and functionality of both. With robust and reliable construction this surge protection lead is designed for optimal use!

Built for Precision and Durability — With premium build quality in mind, the 6 Gang Switched Surge Protected Extension Lead 5m was made to stand the test of time. Its sturdy construction can withstand daily use while its long lifespan saves you money in the long run. Finished in black to blend effortlessly into any decor — adding elegance while saving money over time.

Generous Cable Length

This 5-meter extension lead allows for maximum flexibility and convenience, enabling you to place devices where they are most needed without struggling for power outlets nearby. No more trying to locate an electrical socket – with this extension lead at your fingertips you can arrange workspace or entertainment areas exactly how you desire without worry for power outlet access or reaching power outages in time. Safe Practices.


The 6 Gang Switched Surge Protected Extension Lead 5m features a child-safe design with built-in shutters to protect curious fingers from accidentally touching live sockets, giving families with young children peace of mind.
Easy-to-Use Switches.

Each socket in this user-friendly design offers its own individual on/off switch for convenient power management of each device plugged in, saving energy and lowering carbon emissions while cutting your carbon footprint. No more leaving appliances running when not needed! Cleaning is also easier with individual switches for each socket! These flexible applications make an ideal way of organizing home offices!

Home and Office

No matter if you work from home or manage an active office space, this extension lead is an indispensable addition. With it you can connect and power all your devices – computers, printers, desk lamps and chargers alike.
Entertainment Center Elevate your entertainment experience with this 6 Gang Switched Surge Protected Extension Lead. Conveniently connect TV, gaming consoles, sound bars and more all from a single power source without cable swapping hassles! Enjoy uninterrupted entertainment without cable-changing hassles.


The 6 Gang Switched Surge Protected Extension Lead 5m in Black is an essential device for convenience, safety, and versatility. Boasting robust build quality, surge protection features, and user-friendly features; this extension lead is perfect for quickly powering multiple devices simultaneously without overburdening power strips with unneeded connections. Say goodbye to messy power strips in favor of organized and efficient power management!


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