Unveiling the Stories of India’s Biggest State Lottery Winners

For many, lottery tickets are just a weekly ritual or an occasional flutter, but for a fortunate few, they transform lives. We have curated some compelling stories of India’s biggest state lottery winners, whose fortunes were transformed by the spin of the lottery wheel.

Top 9 India’s Biggest State Lottery Winners

1. The Unexpected Millionaire: Ravi’s Story

Living in a modest two-bedroom house in Kerala, Ravi, a small business owner, had always strived for a decent life for his family. One day, after a hearty meal, he checked his lottery ticket. The jackpot results displayed a number eerily similar to his ticket. Upon rechecking, his disbelief turned into overwhelming joy. Ravi had won 10 crore rupees. Today, he has invested in multiple businesses and supports various local charities. 

2. The Fortunate Teacher: Sunita’s Tale

Sunita, a primary school teacher from Punjab, bought her lottery ticket while returning home from a tiring day at school. She had often heard of people winning huge sums but never thought she would become one of those stories. Weeks later, she viewed the jackpot results and her life changed forever. She became a crorepati overnight. Sunita chose to continue teaching and used a significant part of her winnings to fund the education of underprivileged children.

3. A Second Chance: Vikram’s Journey

Vikram, from Maharashtra, had faced a series of misfortunes. His business had failed, and he was drowning in debt. His wife gifted him a lottery ticket on his birthday, hoping for a small miracle. When the results came in, their prayers were answered. They won a massive 12 crore rupees. Vikram cleared his debts, started a new business, and created a trust fund for his children’s future.

4. The Humble Grocer: Asha’s Triumph

Asha, a humble grocer from Tamil Nadu, had always lived a life of simplicity. She occasionally indulged in buying a lottery ticket. One fateful day, she couldn’t believe her eyes when she matched her ticket with the winning numbers. Asha’s winnings amounted to a staggering eight crores. She upgraded her store and ensured a secure future for her kids. 

5. The Dreamer: Fahad’s Victory

Hailing from West Bengal, Fahad had dreams bigger than his small town. Working multiple jobs and saving penny by penny, he hoped to give his family a better life. His dream seemed distant until, one day, a single lottery ticket turned it into a reality. When he checked the jackpot results, Fahad was ecstatic to find out he had won a massive 15 crores. He migrated his family to a metropolitan city, establishing a thriving business.

6. The Caring Nurse: Pooja’s Win

Pooja, a dedicated nurse from Himachal Pradesh, had served the community with unwavering dedication. Her selfless service did not go unrewarded. On a whim, she bought a lottery ticket during a lunch break. A week later, she was stunned to find she had won 9 crores. True to her nature, Pooja donated a large portion to the hospital she worked in and set up a scholarship for nursing students.

7. From Rags to Riches: Lakshmi’s Transformation

Living in a dilapidated house in Assam, Lakshmi, a seamstress, tirelessly worked hours to make ends meet. A single mother’s main aim was to provide a decent education for her daughter. On a friend’s suggestion, she bought a lottery ticket. There was disbelief at first when she matched her ticket with the jackpot results, winning a sum of 7 crores. Lakshmi bought a new home and ensured her daughter got the best education possible.

8. The Retired Soldier’s Reward: Rajan’s Elation

Rajan, a retired soldier from Haryana, had dedicated his life to serving the country. His post-retirement days were spent reminiscing about his years of service. His grandson, wanting to give him something, innocently handed him a lottery ticket on Republic Day. Little did they know that this would be a ticket to 11 crores. With his winnings, Rajan built a recreational center for retired service members in his town.

9. The Artist’s Canvas: Anaya’s Success

Anaya, a budding artist from Rajasthan, struggled to gain recognition for her work. She barely managed to buy art supplies. One day, while buying paint, she also got a lottery ticket. When the results were declared, Anaya had won a colossal ten crores. With her prize money, she established an art gallery showcasing her work and promoting emerging artists.


The universe works in mysterious ways, and for these lucky individuals, purchasing a lottery ticket reshaped their destinies. Their stories are not just about sudden wealth but about dreams realized, hope restored, and the ability to give back to society. These narratives remind us of the unexpected turns life can take, and while we must always work hard, sometimes fortune favors us in the most surprising ways.

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