Vitamin C Treatment in the Covid-19 Era

As scientists race to find an effective drug against the new coronavirus, people around the world are working tirelessly to find a cure. The news that high-dose l-ascorbic acid injections were given to patients infected with the coronavirus (covid) in the intensive care units of some clinics in the United States and China has received considerable attention. Iverheal 6 and Iverheal 12 treat parasitic infections like intestinal strongyloidiasis


Some people misinterpreted the treatment as a possible “Coronavirus solution,” sparking a heated debate online. As a result, some people mistakenly resist, claiming that treatment is futile. As a doctor with over 30 years of experience, I would love to help you solve this problem. What we know so far 


The possibility that high-dose intravenous l-ascorbic acid treatment can help control contamination is not new. We believe that adequate l-ascorbic acid is critical for the body’s safety systems to function properly and that people who do not have adequate levels of l-ascorbic acid are susceptible to medical conditions, including viral respiratory disease. We know the risks are high. L-ascorbic acid also helps reduce the body’s irritation response. Additionally, recent clinical studies have shown that people who take sufficient l-ascorbic acid supplements experience short-term side effects from viral infections such as colds and flu. 


What we discovered 


Various clinical studies have shown that l-ascorbic acid reduces the risk and severity of influenza and helps patients spend less time in the emergency room (and ventilator). Twelve pilot studies of 1,766 patients showed that treatment with l-ascorbic acid reduced the duration of intensive care by 7.8% overall. Six additional pilot studies showed that l-ascorbic acid shortened the length of stay in the intensive care unit by 8.6% (Hemila and Chalker, 2019). 


Her three preliminary studies of patients requiring 24 hours or more of mechanical ventilation showed that intravenous l-ascorbic acid reduced her total time on the ventilator by 18.2%. (hemila and chalker). 


Using a randomized pilot study, Dr. Harri Hemira of the University of Helsinki, Finland, found that high-dose l-ascorbic acid treatment reduced the duration of colds by 19% compared to the sham-treated group. (2017). 


Not all her l-ascorbic acid is created equal 


Her two forms of l-ascorbic acid supplementation are oral (PO) and intravenous (iv). 




While l-ascorbic acid is amazingly protected, when taken orally it can bother the intestinal system and can cause runs. 


Intravenous (iv) 


When conveyed through an intravenous (iv) mixture, regularly known as a Myers mixed drink, or essentially an IV trickle, our bodies can accomplish a lot more elevated levels of l-ascorbic acid inside the circulation system than would be conceivable by taking the nutrient orally. Once in the circulation system, our bodies can use the nutrient at the cell level; conversely, with oral l-ascorbic acid organization, this is achieved without the gamble of aggravating the intestinal system or causing the runs. 


How this affect you 


Will IV l-ascorbic acid treatment end up being compelling for forestalling and treating the novel covid? Ideally, progressing studies will offer us the response, however, given the nutrient’s expected impacts of bringing down the term and seriousness of the normal cold and flu, and given the minimal expense and outrageous well-being of l-ascorbic acid supplementation, you might wish to talk with myself, (or another md) to conclude whether iv nutrient treatment might be advantageous for you as a person. Remember, the best ways to reduce your exposure to coronavirus at this time are social distancing, regular tidying up and cleaning commonly used areas. Rest assured that Rosie and I will do all we can to help as our community continues to work through this issue together. We want to believe you are happy, safe, and secure.Covid-19

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