What are the benefits of plastic bottle packaging?

Have you ever witnessed the bottom of the product in a Plastic Bottle Packaging Australia to check what it’s manufactured with? Plastic bottle packaging has strong and break-resistant features, which can be as clear as jars and glass bottles. It makes a great choice for raw materials in multiple industries.

Multiple factors make Plastic Bottle Packaging Australia a great option, which are chemical resistance, shatterproof properties, and low-cost options. This is why it is used for consumable product packaging. This blog is all about how plastic bottle packaging is good for business.

Benefits of using plastic bottles

Before you understand the benefits of Plastic Bottle Packaging, you must clear some basic misconceptions about plastic bottles.

  • Few plastic bottles are not recyclable

There are multiple waste management and recycling companies that restrict certain plastic products; however, overall, you should be able to recycle any plastic product.

  • It creates the most litter.

Cigarette butts are the basic piece of litter; however, it’s unfortunate to check plastic in the environment that can always be picked up and recycled.

  • It causes cancer

This myth has been viral for years. Well, there are no such current proofs or links regarding the evidence.

Plastic bottles have multiple benefits not only for the environment but for the consumers also. Some common benefits are:

  • Energy Savings

Plastic packaging uses significantly less energy and natural resources during the manufacturing process as compared to glass packaging production. It contains water and fossil fuels.

  • Recyclable option

Do you already know plastic bottles are 100% recyclable? Yes, in this modern, advanced manufacturing industry, PET plastic bottles have been redesigned by minimizing the amount of plastic use. The redesigned PET plastic bottles are 30% lighter.

  • Resistant to chemicals

PET bottles create a strong barrier to the outside environment, which allows little to no oxygen to pass through. It doesn’t react to food and water, which makes it perfect for consumable and packaging goods.

  • Flexibility

PET plastic bottles can be moulded into different shapes at a lower cost compared to glass. This feature makes it easier for the brands to have distinctive packaging designs for promoting and identifying the products. These are safer for packaging carbonated soft drinks than regular water.

  • Shatterproof

PET plastic won’t break or shatter because it is a safer option than glass containers. These are also a safer and cheaper option to transport.

Why is PET plastic suitable for bottle packaging?

PET is the most popular choice for Plastic Bottle Packaging because of its unrivalled strength-to-weight ratio. It is the safest choice as compared to the glass counterparts in terms of cost reduction and transportation.

In the process of the manufacturing process, PET plastic is engineered to be a strong yet pliable material. These elements make this a perfect choice for packaging. It is necessary to note that every plastic bottle is carefully tested and monitored to meet regular safety standards.

PET plastic is safe for packaging all kinds of food & beverage products. PET plastic has been approved as the safest food & beverage contact by the FDA. FDA checks for the transfer of plastic components and other substances to the liquid contents of the bottle, which has been within the safest standards. Some additional safety concerns include Phthalates, Endocrine Disruptors in plastic and heat-causing Dioxins to be released from plastics.

In conclusion, PET plastic bottles are widely trusted plastic for direct-to-consumer goods, mostly for food and beverage packaging. There are multiple reasons why such companies and brands use this. The strength and flexibility are compared to the glass, and it’s cheaper to produce and transport.

Quality Blow Moulders offers a variety of HDPE plastic bottles that are lightweight. The company offers moulding solutions to multiple packaging businesses.

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