What is Direct digital printing?

Direct digital printing

Direct digital printing is a method of printing an image directly onto fabric using an inkjet printer. The quality of the drawing is close to photographic, the print is applied quickly: it is printed on the clothes in the desired place. With the help of digital printing technology, images are applied to T-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, and caps.

We print on natural fabrics (cotton, linen) and synthetic fabrics, in particular, on polyester. At your request, we apply images on white and colored products. After all, thanks to direct printing technology, it is possible to create high-quality, detailed drawings directly on textiles, ensuring speed and flexibility in production. If you search for dtg printing near me then you will get us on the first number. 

Advantages of direct digital printing

The main advantage is speed and quality! Digital printing on T-shirts helps to apply images of any complexity in the shortest possible time. From inscriptions to drawings, photos, logos. We receive a detailed drawing of the required size and color.

Another plus is the ability to quickly change the design of the layout without the need to create new templates or films. That is why direct printing is chosen for the creation of large batches of corporate clothing, souvenir T-shirts, and branded products. Water-based inks are used for applying images – safe and non-toxic. This printing method opens up many possibilities for designers, manufacturers and businesses. Direct printing combines speed, quality and flexibility, making the creation of unique clothing designs more accessible and efficient.

Stages of direct printing on fabric

We perform direct digital printing on T-shirts as follows:

Design preparation. A drawing, inscription or logo is created using graphic editors. A ready-made product layout from the client can be used.

Fabric preparation. Before drawing a picture on the fabric using a special printer, the material is pre-treated.

Printing process. Applying the image to the fabric using inkjet printing technology. The print can be printed on the clothes in the desired place: on the sleeve, back, etc.

The last stage is fixing with the help of heat treatment. The ink is securely fixed on the fabric, ensuring that the print will not lose its brightness, crack or fade even after repeated washing.

How to order direct printing of an image on a T-shirt

PNG are professionals in the world of printing. We work on modern equipment, have extensive experience, and execute printing orders of any complexity. We work with wholesale and retail customers (from 1 piece). We will be happy to print logos, unique prints, inscriptions. Inkjet printing technology allows you to apply drawings clearly and qualitatively both on natural fabrics and on clothes made of synthetics.

To order printing on fabric:

Provide images in PDF, EPS, CDR, AI, SVG format – you can read the exact requirements in the “Layout requirements” section.

Specify the required number of units.

Confirm the order – for this, the company manager will call you.

Pricing is based on quantity ordered. We also note that printing on white fabric is cheaper than on bright fabric. We have favorable prices for wholesale lots — corporate orders, etc. To order direct digital printing on t-shirts, call us, write to e-mail or visit our office in Lviv!

Requirements to layouts

A ready-made layout is a file that is completely ready for printing and does not require any changes or any pre-press preparation. If necessary, our designers will help you create and prepare the necessary layout for printing. 

  • All files are accepted by e-mail  
  • Printable files for raster images are accepted in the following formats: TIF, PSD;
  • Files for printing are accepted for vector images in the following formats: PDF;
  • Color scheme – CMYK;
  • The maximum width of the layout is 58 cm. There is a limit of 100 m on the length.
  • The size of the images in the layout should be natural (1:1). All text in the layout needs to be transformed into a curve.

We accept both ready-made layouts for printing and layouts that need to be modified or created for you. We develop, redraw, refine.

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