Which Nakshatra is suitable for marriage

Which Nakshatra is suitable for marriage?

Nakshatras or lunar constellations are one of the core elements of Vedic Astrology. The 12 zodiac signs are divided into 27 total nakshatras that help analyze different aspects of the life of an individual. Each Nakshatra occupies a particular segment of the zodiac, covering approximately 13 degrees and 20 minutes. These Nakshatras hold significant symbolism and influence over various aspects of human life according to Hindu belief. Ancient people originated Nakshatras to determine the particulars of the day one was born in a better way, and each Nakshatra lasts a day. The nakshatra going on the day you are born became your JANAM  Nakshatra.


Since ancient times, people have considered Nakshatras important in determining marriage compatibility. Traditional beliefs consider some Nakshatras more suitable for marriage than others based on their associated attributes and energies. A particular planet rules each Nakshatra and hence affects personality traits, attributes, energies, and the level of compatibility. 

Some nakshatras are considered favorable for marriage.

  • Rohini: 

It is the sixth nakshatra in the Hindu zodiac. Rohini is associated with fertility, growth, and sensuality, symbolized as “the rose”. People born under Rohini are nurturing, attractive, and have a strong sense of commitment. Others take those who tie the knot under this nakshatra as an inspiration, and they have a deep relationship with the most effective communication. 

Expert astrologers advise this couple to take remedies to be safe, as they are always prone to evil eyes. You can talk to an astrologer on Anytime Astro as it has many experts specializing in this field. 

  • Mrigashira:

The deer’s head is a representation of Mrigashira, a word that associates with inquiry, investigation, and the search for the truth. People who marry during Mrigashira Nakshatra are adaptable, curious, and communicative. They have the most sensitive relationship in which they carefully listen to each other and address everything. 

  • Uttara Phalguni: 

The Sun associates with this nakshatra, making it one of the most auspicious time for marriage. Both families remember the marriage with love and fondness, making Uttara Phalguni represent practicality and healing. The couples who marry under nakshatra are responsible and dedicated towards each other.

  • Hasta: 

An open hand represents Hasta and associates it with skillfulness, dexterity, and independence. It strengthens the bond of the couple getting married both emotionally and physically. They share the qualities of being creative, adaptable, and self-reliant which makes the relationship and their overall life better.

  • Swati: 

This nakshatra is related to the purest form of water; a first drop of rain that signifies independence, adaptability, and movement. Individuals who get married under Swati are flexible, diplomatic, and love to think forward. They are independent even when in a relationship and share the same interests of adventure and passion which makes them very compatible.

  • Punarvasu: 

Symbolized by a bow, Punarvasu signifies renewal, nourishment, and expansion. Punarvasu encourages people to be compassionate, adaptable, and have a desire for growth when they get married. They have compassion for each other and help each other become the best self of each other. 

  • Anuradha: 

A lotus or a star represents Anuradha, signifying friendship, harmony, and determination. One should start a new relationship at this time for its qualities of loyalty, determination, and a tendency to seek deep connections. They can get married to open doors for foreign travel and exploration.

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  • Pushya: 

Pushya signifies protection, nurturing, and spiritual inclination. Individuals getting married under Pushya are caring, responsible, and value traditions. They are aligned in their thought process; their strong will make them the best suitable match for each other. 

  • Chitra:

God Vishwakarma is the planetary deity of Chitra Nakshatra; which also represents beauty, artistry, and creativity. Chitra nakshatra makes the couple creative and charismatic. They have a unique style of living that aligns with each other.

  • Uttara Ashadha: 

Ruled by planet Mats, Uttara Ashadha represents strength, determination, and victory. This Nakshatra inspires couples who marry under it to be ambitious, have a strong will, and share a passion for nature and growth. They usually have a long-lasting marriage and a life filled with abundance. 


Positive qualities for marriage are often associated with Nakshatras, and they can determine the success quotient of marriage. Nakshatra matching helps to know about the potential doshas that are present in either of the partners. This helps them understand the strengths and weaknesses, personality traits, and other factors that can affect married life. If you want to make an informed decision about the person who you could potentially append the rest of your life with, consulting with an experienced astrologer will be a great option. They can provide you with more detailed insights based on your birth chart and individual circumstances. You can understand in detail how you can be beneficial to each other. Marriage is a very important step in everyone’s life and Nakshatra matching can be a great friend to help you make the right decision.

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