Why is the UPSC Exam Considered the most Challenging Exam?

UPSC stands for Union Public Service Commission. This is the most ruptured exam in India. The one who passes this exam can get the top designation in civil services such as IAS (Indian Administrative Officer). The first question of all the UPSC candidates is that it is challenging to crack the UPSC Exam. There are numerous factors that make the exam toughest. Every UPSC Exam aspirant should know about these factors. It will help them to clear the exam. Moreover, one thing we advise you is that you should have patience and do hard work to ace the exam. So, in this article, we will articulate the attributes that make the exam tough. 

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Now let’s discuss the factors that make the UPSC Exam challenging

Exam Format

The UPSC exam has a three-tier process. To pass the exam candidates first go through the Preliminary Examination, followed by the Main Examination, and finally, the Interview. As your level changes the level of difficulties also rises. The Preliminary exam is conducted in May and June, the Main exam is held in  October and November, and the  Interview is held in the months of  January and February. Moreover, the interview is a little bit tricky. Because it is the last exam and the stress level of candidates is on top at that time. Due to stress candidates feel that it is impossible to crack but that is wrong. All you need to have a positive attitude and patience.

The Syllabus

The second factor that increases the complexity level of the exam is the syllabus. Candidates have to cover the vast syllabus in a limited period of time which is not an easy task for everyone. Moreover, there are a number of subjects that candidates have to go through. As candidates have to cover the excessive syllabus in a short period they have to study long hours in a day. In addition, diverse subjects require more determination. You cannot skip any topic. Although the topic is not important you still have to go through it.

Negative Marking in the Prelims

In the prelims examination, you have to find the correct answer out of the 4 given options. It may sound easy, but it is the main reason behind the failure of candidates. Because every wrong answer leads to negative markings. So, our advice for you is to mark the answer only if you are one hundred percent sure otherwise leave it. Because you cannot entirely depend on your luck and guesswork. However, if you want to try it then the best method is the elimination method. 

Cut-offs for the UPSC examination

UPSC cut-off is only declared after the final results of the year are out. The cut-off marks of the UPSC are determined by various factors. The lowest score obtained by the candidate to qualify for different levels of the CSE is called the UPSC Cut-off mark. The UPSC calculates the UPSC cut-off marks by taking into account the total number of vacancies, the total number of candidates who took the test at each stage, the syllabus for marking, reservation policies for various groups such as General category, OBC category, SC category, ST category, PwBD category, and the difficulty of last year’s questions. The UPSC also takes into consideration last year’s cut-off patterns.

Marking scheme

UPSC marks evaluate the candidates’ ability to think critically and to analyze the data. The UPSC marks are divided into three parts. The first part is General Studies, which is worth 100 marks. The second part is Optional Subjects, which is worth 200 marks, and the third part is Interview, which is worth 300. Therefore, the total marks for the UPSC examination are 600. The UPSC has a 2-tier marking system for CSE. The first tier is the minimum qualifying mark for each subject. The minimum qualifying mark is determined by the UPSC. Generally, the qualifying mark is high. The CSE is becoming difficult to crack.

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To sum it up the above-mentioned factors make the UPSC Exam toughest among all Government Exams.  

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